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I have a terrible toothache...

Posted by Doorman 
I have a terrible toothache...
September 01, 2016 06:27PM
Research shows clearly that tooth health is intimately involved with whole-body health. Taking good care of your teeth becomes even more important as we age ... and harder, too. Remember all those urgings to brush, floss, and take good care ... and heed them!
Even if you do, sometimes something goes terribly awry in any working mouth -- old fillings crack, cavities occur, gums recede ... and nothing is more distracting than pain inside your head!
You have probably heard about the home remedies, and there's no doubt that in the 19th Century these were what kept old folks from going crazy with tooth pain. If you want to learn more about these, here's a link ... but the universal conclusion is that if these remedies work at all, they only do so for a short time. Better by far to seek a long-term solution.
Here on the Redwood Coast, we have a bunch of excellent, dedicated, and caring dentists, and in many cases, they'll find time to help anyone in pain quickly. Like everyone else on our little island, these guys -- yes, they're all guys -- are here to make a living, but they have hearts and will arrange a solution that you can afford. After all, what's it worth to make that pain hammering inside your head go away? Priceless! The Coast Clinic proudly offers "the best care anywhere," and all our experience with them tells us that if you don't already have a dentist, this is a good place to go.
Unfortunately, living as we do in a rural place, some of the best modern technology is "over the hill" in Ukiah or even Santa Rosa. Three-dimensional Xray finds causes that evade even the most thorough probing of Coast dentists, but there are only three such machines in the County (as of 2016) and they're all inland. That's also where you have to go for oral surgery. For anyone, but especially those of us carrying a few extra decades, the prospect of a two hour drive to Ukiah for a painful procedure that may leave us reeling ... and then the two hour drive back ... is a hefty counterbalance to the pain in our head. Ask for help! You'll be surprised how generous we are as mutual care-givers.
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