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Welcome to the ElderPortal Library. If you’re eager to get started reading and feeling lucky, click here.

The library is a collection of writings we are fairly sure are right and (almost) final. The key elements include the Ten Gateways to Thriving as Elders, as identified by Charles in the initial Senior Advocates training. These cover a spectrum of resources for well-being available to North Coast Seniors, ranging from #1, “Planning and Operating My Own Lifeto #10, “Experiencing Peace and Contentment in Life”, a work in progress over in the Forum that you are invited to contribute to.

In fact, that’s our process, as we spin this Advocacy notion up into existence. We know that collectively we have the wisdom to synergize and amplify the quality of elder life here on the North Coast, and we think this ElderPortal is a likely tool for us to try. We hope you’ll engage with us in the process, and contribute your unique wisdom and perspective to this strange time when most everything we thought we knew about aging is being disrupted.

One fruitful source of “crowd-funding” has come from the Friday Forums held at least once a month at the Senior Center. A list of the topics from these events can be found here, and a schedule of upcoming events will be maintained here. If a past topic interests you, ask Elizabeth Morton at the Center to inform you of the forum’s findings.

We’re just starting a collection of articles about the values we try to honor as we build a thriving community. Charles’s essay on Kindness is, in so many ways, the defining value that we hope will characterize us.

Here in the Library you will also find a collection of articles by Charles that define the experiences we share as we grow comfortable in our new-found roles as community elders. His article on Intentions is a fine introduction to new ways of thinking about this strange terrain we are all investigating.

A content management system like this is best at accumulating a library of chunky information … ideas, bits of wisdom, ruminations. That’s what you can expect to find here …and, if you like, you can become one of the editors, responsible for curating existing pages and placing material. For more information on posting to the EP Library, email the librarian.

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